Local 4x4 club helps hospital employees

RICHLAND, WA - Since last weekend, a local 4x4 club has been donating time and wheels to get people to work: specifically hospital staff. 

Over the weekend, many people were stuck at home as yet another snowstorm hit. But for so many there are no snow days, and they have to go to work.

That's when Rattlesnake 4x4's knew to help out by picking up hospital staff and taking them to work. 

"Since Sunday, a number of us in the club have been out running as many as 300 miles a day... hauling... I think we have a grand total now of 60 people we've taken back and forth to the hospital, " said Lance Greenwood, President of Rattlesnake 4x4's. 

Club members said it's people's reactions that makes all the miles worth it. 

"People are very thankful and very excited to be able to go back to work.... they want to serve and they want to help and when they are stuck at home they cant do that... they've got patients they are attached to and coworkers that are depending on them so it's great to be able to return them to work and get them there," Doug Campbell, Rattlesnake 4x4's member said. 

In total, the club estimates they have driven more than 1,200 miles since Sunday helping local hospital staff all over Tri-Cities. 

"As a retired firefighter from Richland I know that if a hospital shuts down... the world shuts down. So we're just doing our part," Greenwood said. 

For those who want to donate or learn more can visit their website

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