Locals react to D.C. protest

WASHINGTON STATE- A sad sight to see. Our Capitol building over run with violent protestors. And the people that occupy it, evacuated.

Some locals are saying this was a necessary protest, but the message was lost.

One Tri-Cities local, Harley Grinder, says the violence masks the message.  

"I agree with protest obviously any violence destructions I don't agree with that I don't think it gets the message across the way it should," said Grinder.  

In Harley Grinders opinion that message was not that trump supporters are lashing out at the presidential loss. In fact it has little to do with Trump at all.

"The protesting and being at the capitol is mainly because of the broken election process. Millions of people thing the process is broken," explained Grinder. 

Many others like, Ryan Liddicoat, agree with Harley too. Condemning the violence but respecting the protest.

"Exercising your free speech and assembly is very important part of our constitution and republic but to go about it in a threatening manner I think that is absolutely wrong," said Liddicoat.