Sunnyside School District Parent Notifier

SUNNYSIDE, WA-The Sunnyside School District notified parents Thursday after three incidents this week occurred near Washington Elementary School as students walked to and from school.

The district stated today that for the past three days three different incidents regarding a person in a gray car following students home and around campus. As each incident was reported the district called for Sunnyside Police to monitor the school as a security measure. 

One incident involving the car prompted a search for a young girl who went missing while walking home from school. She was found with friends later in the afternoon. Police and school officials were not able to locate the car after this incident.

Since this incident the Sunnyside School District released a statement on Facebook saying, "Parents, we ask that you take some time this evening to talk with your children what expectations you have for them before and after school in order to ensure their safety, what they should do when they feel unsafe or notice suspicious behavior, who they can talk to, and if need be how to contact the police."

The district said if you know anything or have seen any suspicious activity near the school call 911 immediately.


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