Do you struggle finding the motivation to stay fit? In order to make and keep an exercise routine, what you really need is discipline.

Shelagh Moore, Fitness Instructor at Fit For Me: Women's Fitness, has dedicated her entire life to building discipline. Before she started teaching fitness classes, she had a 50-year career as a professional dancer - performing alongside big stars like The Beatles and Judy Garland. Now, at 82 years-old, Shelagh still has the discipline to stay fit!

Shelagh says if she can do it, anyone can.

Here are her 3 Steps to Build Discipline:

  • Ask yourself, "What kind of activity suits my schedule, lifestyle and personality?"
  • Make an effort to weigh your options. Try different ways to stay active!
  • Commit to a type of exercise you enjoy and make it a priority. Commitment + Priority = Discipline.