Jamie Kern Lima, Founder of IT Cosmetics, is finally sharing the story behind her billion-dollar brand in her first book.

Believe It: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable is an inspiring read that comes at a time when many are looking to believe in themselves again and see the light through a global pandemic.

"It's my story, which is really a story of a girl who went from not believing in herself to learning how to believe in herself and trust herself… It’s really for every person out there who maybe has been dimming their own light and wants to ignite that light inside of them again," Jamie says.

Within Believe It, Jamie documents how she started IT Cosmetics in her living room, grew it into the #1 luxury makeup company in the country, and wound up selling it for more than a billion dollars.

She uses her words to break down walls, taking readers on a real and authentic journey through deeply personal stories from both her career and home life.

From being criticized for fighting unrealistic standards in the beauty industry, to finding out she was adopted when she was in her 20's, Jamie doesn't leave out any details.

Her book is based on 18 different life lessons that can inspire others to break through self-doubt and believe in the power of their own story.

“I share so many things I did wrong in the book that I wish I had learned sooner… lessons I wish I knew sooner," Jamie says. "But one of the things I did right was I really learned how to hear myself and then trust myself. I think every one of us, when we learn to do that, that’s truly how we become the person we’re born to be.”

If you or someone you know struggle with self-doubt or feeling like you're not enough, reading her book could be the motivation you need.

You can find Believe It on Amazon, or at your local Target and Barnes & Noble. To learn more about the book, click here.

While Jamie Kern Lima is known for creating IT Cosmetics, her career actually started here at KNDU. Tune in to Wake Up Northwest on Thursday, March 18 to hear more of Jamie's interview and her fondest memories from living and working in the Tri-Cities.