RICHLAND, WA - Physical and mental healing are part of the prescription at Empowered Health. A local doctor schedules time in her day to empower her patients.

CEO and Founder of Empowered Health, Dr. Jessica Schneider, cherishes the chance to connect with people. She sets aside time every workday to make her patients feel heard. While many doctors offices have patients in-and-out in under 15 minutes, Dr. Schneider could spend up to an hour and a half with them, depending on the circumstance.

"It's truly not uncommon for patients to cry the first time they meet me," says Dr. Schneider. "They are unloading so much and finally being heard and listened to. It's a beautiful thing as a medical doctor to be confided in in so many ways," she reflects.

Dr. Schneider sits down with each of her patients to create a personal action plan. Doing so empowers them with the knowledge and tools they need to make educated decisions about their health.

"I see that we're making a difference," says Dr. Schneider. "People walk in here, and at their annual physical, they've improved."

For Dr. Schneider, it is all about empowerment.

"It's the best thing I've ever done in my life... starting empowered health," she exclaims.

Dr. Schneider was nominated for Madeline Motivates for her efforts to empower patients toward better health.

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Empowered Health is located at 503 Knight St., Ste B in Richland. To learn more, visit their website.