Pass updates for Sunday afternoon

WSDOT says Snoqualmie & Blewett passes will reopen at 5 p.m. Sunday with a 45 mph speed limit & traction tires advised. Priority is to get freight traffic moving; recreational/general traffic should continue to delay travel.

More info can be found here. 


Previous coverage:

According to WSDOT, work continues on reopening the passes but crews are still dealing with massive amounts of snow & ice. Snoqualmie & Blewett will open later today but they don't have an ETA just yet. They are asking people to not line up until they provide the next update early this evening.

WSDOT says that when they do reopen it will be to get freight moving and that any other trips should be delayed as more work remains to make roads ready for general traffic. They say it's vital to understand that the opening is to get freight moving, not for general travel.

DOT crews have cleared two narrow lanes across most of I-90 and reduced speed limits will be in place once it reopens. They say shoulders, exit ramps & chain-up areas are mostly impassable & access to restroom facilities will be limited.

WSDOT says heavy snow is also affecting multiple local roads in communities around the pass. As a result of those factors, all drivers need to be prepared to cross the pass without stopping. There will be no safe areas in order to stop until you cross the pass

White Pass is on track to reopen late Monday afternoon as crews continue to clear very deep snow. Stevens Pass and nearby Tumwater Canyon will likely not reopen before Wednesday. Ice is 4 inches thick on Stevens with snow slides 60-70 feet high.

WSDOT says they will provide another update early Sunday evening for Snoqualmie and Blewett passes. They continue to appreciate everyone’s patience as their crews work to safely get roads reopened.