We all know the holiday season can bring financial strain on some people. That's why I tried out three different cash back apps to see how they'll help you save money this holiday season.

The apps I tried are Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Fetch Rewards. All these apps work in similar ways, you buy select items on their apps and then scan the receipt at the end to get cash back.

Let's start with Ibotta. The cool thing about this one is you get reimbursed for their select Thanksgiving items. I bought some mashed potatoes, cornbread mix and frozen vegetables. To make sure you are buying the correct items you can scan the barcodes as you shop.

With this app, I spent $3.55 and got all of it back. The cash back takes 48 hours to appear on your account and after you reach $20 you can redeem it. 

The second app I tried is called Checkout 51. This app tells you what items have offers, how much cash back you'll get, how many times you can redeem the offer and if the cashback is exclusive to a specific store. Not only does this app work with groceries but with gas as well.

With this app, I bought laundry detergent and cough drops and got $1.95 in cash back. With Checkout 51, you also scan your receipt at the end of shopping and the cash back posts to your account. When you reach $20 you can redeem it. 

The last app I tried is called Fetch Rewards. This one works a bit differently, you still scan your receipt at the end but instead of cash back you get points that you can trade in for gift cards and other things. I bought some paper towels and redeemed 1,000 points. Once you get to 3,000 points, you can start redeeming them.

In total, I spent about $27 and got $5.50 back, so that brings me down to $21.50.