Terrace Heights - Today one of the 10 victims of the crowd surge reported at the Astroworld Music Festival in Texas was laid to rest in Terrace Heights, Washington.

Twenty-one-year-old Antonio Axel Acosta was brought from Texas to Washington after several people donated to his family through a GoFundMe account.

Antonio's uncle, Thomas Acosta, said the family is grateful to everyone who supported them during this difficult time.

"Even when we don't know somebody we still feel that love for someone else and there's still goodness in people," Acosta said. "That's really comforting that a lot of people thought about my nephew and we got the best wishes."

When Antonio's family first heard what happened at the festival on the news, they began to search for him.

"Then when we got the news it was somewhat comforting because we found him - not the way we wanted to find him - but we found him," Acosta said.

Thomas Acosta is a pastor and led Antonio's memorial service at Highland Community Church in Cowiche. During the service, he said while they were sad Antonio was no longer here, they know he is in a better place.

"It's a different kind of sadness because we know it's just because he's not going to be present any longer and we're not going to have his sushi anymore or see him playing his videos games or be playing with the little ones in that sense it's a little sadness," Acosta said. "In the sense that he's going ahead of us and he's in a better place that's comforting for us as a family."

During the service, Antonio's grandmother and his younger brother celebrated his life with a dance and his younger cousin's sang him a song. 

Thomas also talked about the importance of unity within a family, because his family is close he is able to cherish the memories he shared with Antonio. He said they would bond over Antonio's love for building computers. 

Thomas also said he and Antonio would go everywhere together, including the ride to Antonio's burial site.

"We would go to everywhere together and like I was saying now I got to ride with him on this occasion too," Thomas Acosta said.

For the family, it is important that another incident like the crowd surge at Astroworld never happens again. That's why his family is part of the class action lawsuit brought on against Travis Scott, Live Nation and others.