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PA Pride Fruited Sour is a beer featuring ingredients sourced from throughout the state, packaged in cans with artwork inspired by Pennsylvania landscapes.

Jersey Shore, Pa. — Bald Birds Brewing Company is among the 20 breweries that will be serving a new Fruited Sour beer using exclusively Pennsylvania ingredients.

The beer will be available starting on Friday, June 24, both on draft and in 16-ounce cans. The cans will feature artwork inspired by Pennsylvania's lush scenery.

PA Pride Fruited Sour is the sixth drink in the PA Pride series, which highlights the brilliance of Pennsylvania's agriculture industry. The ingredients consist of grain and malt from Deer Creek Malthouse of West Chester; Southern Aroma hops from Zuckerman Honickman in King of Prussia; Philly Sour Yeast; and peach and pear puree.

Philly Sour Yeast is a special strain of yeast that was isolated in West Philadelphia by a research team from the University of the Sciences led by Dr. Mathew J. Farber. The University claims that the yeast grants beer with "bright lactic acidity balanced by a slight sweetness and mouthfeel from glycerol produced during fermentation."

Pale wheat malt and rolled oats were added to the brew to enhance body and mouthfeel, with a light floral earthiness from the hops. The fruit purees provide a fun, refreshing summertime flavor.

A seventh and eighth PA Pride beer are planned to release later this year: a Multi-Grain Saison and Amber Lager.

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