LOS ANGELES, CA - An earthquake rattled Southern California on Friday and swaying was felt in Los Angeles, the day after the most powerful earthquake in the region in two decades.

The United States Geological Survey said Friday's quake had a magnitude of 7.1, and the epicenter of the temblor that struck at 8:20 p.m. was about 10 miles northeast of Ridgecrest.

That's the same area where Thursday's earthquake was recorded. That 6.4 magnitude quake was called the strongest to hit Southern California since 1999.

Friday night, the power went out in Ridgecrest, a city of 27,600, around 100 miles north of Los Angeles, according to NBC reporters in the area. Ridgecrest is in Kern County but on the the San Bernardino County border.

The fire district reported one minor injury and said firefighters were treating the patient. “No unmet needs currently,” the fire department said.

Lucy Jones, a seismologist at the California Institute of Technology and a former science adviser at the Geological Survey, says that Thursday's earthquake was a “foreshock,” and that Friday’s 7.1-magnitude earthquake was on the same fault as the earlier quake.

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted "yet another earthquake" and said that it and city departments would be ensuring everyone in the city was safe.

Friday’s earthquake struck during a Major League Baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres in LA that was televised by Fox Sports. Dodgers stadium seemed to shake and roll for nearly a minute as the crowd let out a roar.

Seismologists at Cal Tech said Friday afternoon that there had been around 1,400 aftershocks since Thursday’s 6.4-magnitude quake, with 17 of those with a magnitude of 4 or above.

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