Amtrak derailment

MENDON, Mo. - An Amtrak train carrying nearly 250 passengers derailed Monday afternoon after colliding with a dump truck in Mendon, Missouri.

In an update from Missouri State Highway Patrol, Cpl. Justin Dunn stated at least three people have been killed in the derailment. Two were inside the train, and one was inside the dump truck.

Dunn also stated seven cars derailed in total, and dozens more have been injured and taken to area hospitals. Those uninjured have been transported away from the crash. 

The collision occurred in an uncontrolled crossing, where no lights or devices are present to warn traffic of oncoming trains. 

Last updated on June 27 at 3:45 p.m.

Amtrak said several cars derailed on the trip from Los Angeles to Missouri. The company also said they has received early reports of injuries.

They said local authorities are helping passengers and they have deployed their own resources to assist.

Just a day before, another Amtrak train crashed into a vehicle on the tracks near Brentwood, California. Three people were killed in that incident.