Vivian Bunch celebrated her 12th birthday this past week. This meant she could finally get the COVID-19 vaccine.

"One more person having the vaccine can make a difference," said Bunch.

Her parents and older sister had gotten theirs already, and she was next in line.

Robin Wojtanik is Vivian's Mom, and she says they see older family members and enjoy travelling, so getting the vaccine was important for those reasons, too. 

"We think that it's really important to do whatever we can to try to stem the pandemic and try to get us closer back to normal life," said Wojtanik.

On September 9th, Vivian's birthday, her mom created a little something to celebrate the occasion. Robin owns Sign Gypsies Tri-Cities, so she had everything she needed to make a huge birthday sign--with a twist.

"Well, I saw it when I was coming down the street. I didn't know what it said and then I read it and thought, that's kinda cool," said Bunch.

On Saturday, Vivian finally got her vaccine. She even brought a friend to get theirs, too.

"My brother doesn't have the shot. So it'll make him safer that I now have the shot. It will make traveling easier, and I can go to more events without having to get tested every single time," said Bunch.

"We've been marching through the summer as the cases have worsened and looking forward to having one more person in our family who's protected," said Wojtanik.