3-year-old saves parents lives during a late-night apartment fire in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, WA - 3-year-old Naomi became a hero Thursday evening when she woke her parents up to a "funny" smell of her home filled with smoke.

When her parents woke, they found the bad smell was getting worse as the smoke built up in the apartment. Thanks to Naomi, her parents were able to evacuate their apartment and call the Kennewick Fire Department to put out the fire.

"She had never smelled smoke before so we (me and my wife) were very surprised that my daughter, who is a heavy sleeper, was able to wake up and notify us," said Naomi's father Israel. 

Upon investigation, they found the fire was started by their family computer. 

"Thanks to our little girl, we all are alive today," said Israel. "She is our hero!"