7 year-old boy accidentally shot in the neck said to make a full recovery

SELAH, WA - Wednesday at approximately 6:13 pm, Selah police officers responded to a weapons offense call, in the 1100 block of W. Goodlander Rd. in the City of Selah.

The initial report indicated the victim of a gunshot wound was a seven-year-old male child.

Fire and Aid crews also responded to the scene for assistance. Officers learned from the victim’s father that a younger sibling managed to retrieve a handgun from a firearm safe and accidentally shot his brother in the neck.

The victim was initially transported to Memorial Hospital and later airlifted to a hospital in the Seattle area as a result of the injuries he sustained. According to family members, they are hopeful he will make a full recovery.

While this is a tragic event, we are grateful the circumstances were not worse than they are.

The matter is still being investigated. Please, remember to keep your firearms locked up.

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