9 Round Fitness excited to open doors again

KENNEWICK, WA- After last week's announcement of gyms being able to open their doors once again in the Tri-Cities, many gyms are trying to adjust to the new regulations presented to them.

One gym, 9 Round Fitness, a kickboxing gym in Kennewick has to adjust a lot of their policies. A gym that is known for it's no appointment, quick 30-minute rotation workouts now is having members make appointments. The reason being is the gym can only allow seven people in at one time and the appointments help keep that strict limit of people. Despite now having to make appointments, many members are excited to be able to return according to gym owner Nicole Derryberry.

"It feels amazing to be back, my members have been emailing and texting, it has just been absolutely amazing," said Derryberry. "When they come in for their workout, they are so excited and there is nothing that feels better than that."

The long layover was tough on Derryberry and her gym. She wasn't sure how many members would be left after the layover. It became especially frustrating when other industries in the Tri-Cities were able to open up.

"It was rough, it was emotionally draining, mentally draining, not knowing if your business would survive this and how many members I would have left at the end of this or how long it could go on," said Derryberry.

Now that they are open, Derryberry is excited to get back to work. She is confident the safety regulations will be easy to maintain because according to her all their equipment and setups are already more than 6 feet apart. Instructors will be spaced out and there will be no more one-on-one training. Masks must be worn upon entry and they can only be taken off during the workout.

"We are doing everything that we need to be doing safely, to safely open and for our members to stay safe and healthy," said Derryberry.

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