A tiny house village is being planned for Yakima

YAKIMA, WA - An organization in Yakima is working on building a tiny home village for the homeless. This is a project that's been in the works for a couple years and now construction of the tiny homes is set to start in about a year.

The president of Justice Housing Yakima tells us there is a need for more affordable homes in the city. Right now, homeless shelters like Union Gospel Mission and Camp Hope are pretty full.

These tiny homes can give people more permanent solutions. With this project they would be adding 30 tiny houses to a piece of land on Lincoln and 16th Avenue.

This is located near a Safeway and a bus stop allowing those with no cars to still get around the city. David says this project is about giving everyone a home.

"Let's make Yakima a better place, and part of being a better community is taking care of those that need help. And helping people, help them. This isn't a hand out, it's a hand up and in terms of helping people get their life stabilized," said David Helseth, president at Justice Housing Yakima. 

David says the difference with these tiny homes is they're focusing on getting people off the streets and getting them help for any issues. 

He also says the city would need to build around 300 homes a year in order to keep up with housing demands.

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