WALLA WALLA COUNTY, WA - It was quick and it was destructive. This was something no one saw coming. But what happened to Alexandrea Frazure was unimaginable.
"I never expected that there'd be no house," said Frazure, the executor of the estate. 
When the flood waters hit, it didn't just do damage. It completely washed away what used to be Frazure's father's house... the home she grew up in.
"There's not even his foundation, nothing looks the same... there's a car, the neighbors car is where my dad's house was," said Frazure.  
A car where the house should be. The city's water pipe where the yard was. A light pole in what was once the driveway.
All of Frazure's childhood memories, gone. And what's worse, her father is gone now too.
"It's just no words to explain how you feel; I just lost my dad six months ago," Frazure said.
Walla Walla home washes away
The beautiful log cabin had actually been up for sale - to pay for her father's funeral expenses.
"We came up here last Sunday and spread his ashes, and the sun came out and... washed him away with his house I guess," said Frazure.
With her father gone and the house he loved gone now too... Frazure is struggling to wrap her head around it.
"You think you'd find something that resembled my dad's house, and now that he passed away I feel like I have nothing left."
The only thing that is left, is the for sale sign.
As for what's next, Frazure says she doesn't know that answer just yet. She's not even sure if the property can ever be built on again because of all the damage the flood caused.
For right now, she and her family are taking it one day at a time.

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