SPOKANE, Wash.- The Walla Walla Police Department said the man accused of abducting his children was spotted Tuesday afternoon in Missoula, Montana.

Authorities confirmed that John Baugher has been seen with his two children, but their appearance has changed.  Police think he was at a McDonalds fast food restaurant in Missoula.

Now they are searching the Missoula area and looking for surveillance video of the three of them.

Walla Walla Police Captain Dan Aycock said Baugher might have tried to make his four-year-old daughter, Remi look like a boy.  Aycock said her hair has been cut and dyed which now looks dark blonde.  She was wearing a navy or powder blue jacket with a sports logo.  She was also wearing jeans and dark tennis shoes.

The two-year-old boy, Lars also looks different.  Police said his hair has also been dyed dark blonde and he was wearing a blue sweatshirt, a green and white shirt, grass green pants and blue tennis shoes.

Police said John Baugher has 3-4 days of dark beard growth.  He was wearing an olive colored shirt with a gray sweatshirt jacket.  He was also carrying a blue duffel bag.

Authorities said they do not believe he has a working vehicle and think he is somewhere in Missoula on foot.

This new information comes the same day that the FBI filed charges that allow them to expand the search nationwide.

The family members gathered Tuesday in Walla Walla to plead that John return the kids safely.

Baugher is wanted for kidnapping.  The children were last seen Saturday March 24th.

Police said there is more speculation the abduction was premeditated.

Aycock said, "The logic of some of the comments suggest that maybe there is a pre-plan involved. Especially if you look at the vehicle that was abandoned, where it was, nothing much left behind, no evidence in that area to suggest that they are still right in that area."

Baugher is apparently a Walla Walla native.  Family members said he served in the Army and Marines during the mid-90s, and acquaintances said he once taught classes at the state prison.

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