Agencies coming together to prevent child abuse

YAKIMA, WA- A multi-disciplinary team in Yakima is a group of agencies, attorneys and advocates working together for a new children's advocacy center.

The advocacy center seeks to help abused and neglected kids in Yakima County.

Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney, Joseph Brusic said "it emphasizes child abuse prevention month which is April. So what we want to show to the community and to everyone in Yakima County how important it is not only to report child abuse but to make every attempt to prevent it."

Blue pin wheels will be designated at Performance Park right next to Yakima County.

"Well the pinwheels we are going to give out are really important because they designate and when you put them in the ground they designate that is a child's life, that is a child's victimization," said Brusic.

The event is later today starts at noon and will be held at Performance Park right next to Yakima County.

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