Behavioral Health Services Yakima

YAKIMA, WA – Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, behavioral health services like the ones provided by Comprehensive Healthcare also continue while other industries are told to halt work or to work from home. People sometimes forget that healthcare includes mental health and substance use treatment. The tenants of these services include connection, engagement, acceptance and appreciation of strengths; generally offered through supportive networks. Comprehensive Healthcare will strive to ensure all the tenets for those in recovery and moving towards recovery are met.

“The services we provide at Comprehensive Healthcare are considered “essential” healthcare activities”, says Jodi Daly, Ph.D., President and CEO of Comprehensive Healthcare.

Comprehensive Healthcare provides a full-spectrum of mental health services from outpatient counseling and Substance Use Disorder treatment, to crisis support, inpatient mental health treatment, and outreach to name a few.

As behavioral healthcare providers, much of Comprehensive Healthcare’s services focus on diversion and assisting individuals who could potentially be in the hospital due to a mental health crisis or substance use disorder.

“Right now, in the state of this emergency, we want to make sure our fellow healthcare professionals working in the hospitals have the resources and space to serve the most critically ill. We must continue to do our part and help prevent individuals from needing hospitalization due to mental illness.”

While this situation evolves each and every day, Comprehensive Healthcare’s main concern has been how to best serve patients, while keeping their staff safe and healthy. Comprehensive Healthcare has already prohibited visitors into their inpatient and residential units and implemented screening measures for staff and clients coming into their facilities.

Comprehensive Healthcare has confronted many of the same challenges hospital staff have been presented with, such as a shortage of personal protective equipment supplies like masks and hand sanitizer. Recently, Comprehensive Healthcare was also having difficulty finding household supplies for their apartment, assisted living, and residential units.


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