train derails 2

JOPLIN, Montana -- A father and son were passengers on the Amtrak train traveling between Chicago and Seattle when it crashed in Montana, killing three passengers and injuring several others. 

Daniel and his son Joshua Hutchinson were two of the 141 passengers on board the Empire Builder Line when it crashed Saturday afternoon. They said that they were both on the train heading to Seattle to visit a sick family member.

Daniel said at the time of the crash they were both watching a movie on a laptop when they felt the train go over a rough spot in the track. Daniel said that the train had done that a couple times already, so he wasn't concerned initially, but after a loud bang he could tell something was seriously wrong. 

"When I felt the train wheels were in gravel, we were dragging gravel-- there was no question we were derailed. I knew instantly" Daniel said. 

He immediately got him and his son to the safest place possible-- the floor. Braced beneath the chairs and the wall of the train, Daniel said the train came to a stop tilted slightly to the right. 

"I stood up and just kind of immediately took charge. I started hollering out 'okay, is everybody alright is anybody hurt?'" Daniel said. "The window in that door was opened and I hollered in the window and asked if anybody was in there. A couple of people said yes, we're here. I asked if they were all right they said they were fine but they were trapped and couldn't get out."

Shortly after that Daniel said he made his way around the train to see if anyone else was hurt or needed help. "Going around the train, that's where I saw where they had covered up a few bodies" he said. 

Thankfully, Daniel, his son, and the other passengers who survived the crash were safely evacuated from the area. He said it was his training in the Navy and Marine Corp that prepared him to respond to the situation.