Another lawsuit filed against I-3 Global brings total to $1.8 million

KENNEWICK, WA - i3 Global is being sued for a third time after another lawsuit was filed this week with Benton County Superior Court, bringing total lawsuits to $1.8 million. 

E2 Consulting Engineers of California accused Tri-Cities president, Kristopher Lapp, of pocketing more than $500,000 that was meant to pay for Hanford work back in 2018.

In July, E2 Consulting said that i3 Global stopped paying the invoices for five staff members it had working at Hanford on behalf of Lapp's company. 

When i3 Global did send the checks for the work, they bounced, according to the lawsuit.

E2 Consulting is asking the court to have trust take over the accounts and assets of i3 Global and Lapp that are related to the money owed. 

In the suit, it also says that i3 Global and Lapp knew as early as the beginning of April that they would not be able to pay its subcontracts. 

Over the past few weeks, Integrated Global Staffing and Columbia State Bank have also filed lawsuits against i3 Global and Lapp. 

This trial date is now set for May of 2020.

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