Another Wreck at what Neighbor calls "Unsafe" Intersection

YAKIMA--A driver runs a stop sign, then t-bones a truck, causing him to crash into a telephone pole.

Neighbors say the intersection of 20th and "J" is dangerous and even when traffic is slow they see a fair number of wrecks.

This accident happened around 10:30 a.m. this morning.

Neither driver was seriously injured.

One neighbor said he has brought this intersection to the city's attention before.

"One of these days instead of veering off into a pole or a fence or something they're going to veer off into somebody's yard and kill somebody," Tony Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said City Councilman Micah Cawley has checked out the intersection, but it's still just a two-way stop.

A Pacific Power rep said the truck moved the pole slightly, but no homes lost power.

The driver will be cited for failing to yield.

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