SUNNYSIDE, Wash. - Astria Health is giving patients a new option for surgery with their robotic surgeon Da Vinci XI. This robot gives surgeons the ability to preform less invasive surgeries on patients by making smaller cuts.

Less invasive surgeries are meant to be less painful and speed up recovery. The Da Vinci XI is controlled by a surgeon through a console. The "hands" on the robot mimic the movements the surgeon makes on the console. The Da Vinci XI has a camera that magnifies things up to 10 times, 3D vision and more. 

The first surgery with the robot was done on June 6. The procedure was a hernia repair. According to Dr. Ernesto Dizon, a general and thoracic surgeon at Astria Health Sunnyside, the recovery time for that patient could be cut in half from four weeks to two weeks with the less invasive surgery they received. 

According to the CEO and President of Astria Health Sunnyside Brian Gibbons, having this technology in Sunnyside will be beneficial to the small community. 

"It's really special, they transform the way surgery is done, much smaller incisions, much more precision, normally you travel for that sort of work," Gibbons said.

Gibbons added normally patients need to travel to Seattle or Spokane for the technology, making it difficult to be near their families during the process. 

Dr. Dizon said it's also beneficial in a low income area where people can't afford to take time off work. According to him, the faster recovery time will allow people to get back to work faster. 

"Work is very important for you and your family it's a big deal," Dr. Dizon said. 

He added that wounds are also less likely to get infected because of the smaller cut. 

Dr. Dizon said patients having a quicker recovery time and less complications could allow him to see more patients. 

" have less chances of complications, you go to my office for a follow up, if everything is good, it's quick," Dr. Dizon said.

The Da Vinci XI will be used in surgeries like hernia repair, colon resection, appendectomy, spleen removal, lung resection, tubal ligation and hysterectomy. 

The hospital also hopes to later expand the types of surgeries they can do like gynecological surgeries. Dr. Dizon is the lead robotics surgeon and will be joined by Dr. Manuel Ybanez, Dr. Miguel Brizuela and Dr. Robert Wells.