astria regional medical center

YAKIMA, WA – Astria Health announced on Wednesday, Jan. 8 that despite preparing to emerge from bankruptcy, Astria Regional Medical Center will be closing.

Astria Health anticipates that within about the next two weeks, patient services will end at the hospital.

Since purchasing the Astria Regional Medical Center in late August 2017, ARMC has lost over $40M. Astria Health unsuccessfully sought lenders for additional liquidity to ARMC as well as to sell ARMC or partner with nearby hospitals, before ultimately requesting government assistance from the state, which also failed. Having exhausted all available alternatives, Astria says the closure of ARMC is unavoidable.

In Yakima, the following Astria Health ambulatory care and outpatient locations are not affected by the decision and will remain open during their regular business hours. Astria Health locations in Yakima include:

  • Astria Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Astria Health Centers
  • Astria Plastic Surgery Center on Creekside Loop
  • Astria Home Health & Hospice
  • Astria Hearing & Speech Center

Astria Health will ensure Astria Regional Medical Center hospital patients are transitioned smoothly to either other Astria Health Hospitals or other facilities as appropriate.

Astria Regional Medical Center patients’ medical records will be made available by calling 509.576.3749, or faxing a request to 509.575-5244 or, over the next 30 days, through the Medical Records Department at the hospital located at 110 S. 9th Avenue, Yakima.

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