Toppenish School District


The Washington State Auditor's Office has released its regular accountability audit for the Toppenish School District.

"These elected community members need to review the district's checks and balances, starting with their own oversight of school leadership," said Pat McCarthy, Washington State Auditor.

The Auditor's report identifies multiple areas of concern related to the Toppenish School Superintendent and wrestling activities at the high school.

According to the Auditor's report:

The Toppenish School District lacked oversight of the financial disbursement and credit card payments.

The School District paid the former high school principal $7,100 without a valid contract for wrestling coach duties he did not perform because he was on administrative leave.

The School District conducted business with a nonprofit that the Superintendent governed, which may have resulted tin unconstitutional lending of credit and a possible conflict of interest.

Additionally, the Auditor's report determined that the School District Board of Directors did not ensure the Superintendent's pay and benefits were handled according to a written contract.

Despite not having a written contract, the Toppenish Superintendent received two yearly pay increases, one of $11,600 and one of $15,500.

The Superintendent was also given a vehicle allowance, a phone and internet stipend, and vacation leave balance cash-outs.

"The Toppenish School District Board failed to hold the Superintendent accountable for his spending and activities, which is one of the most important duties of every school board," McCarthy said.