Back to school: how to correctly pass a school bus

As the first week of school approaches, it is important to keep in mind the rules of the road that will be back in place.

Furthermore, illegally passing a school bus could mean paying a ticket of up to 422 dollars.

If you're driving on a two-lane road, and the stop sign on the bus is out, both directions need to stop. If you pass anyway, you will run the risk of getting pulled over or your vehicle being reported.

If you're driving on a road with three lanes or more, you are only required to stop if you are traveling in the same direction as the bus.

If you're driving on a road with a middle turn lane, drivers going the same direction as the bus must stop as well. This rule also applies to roads with medians such as islands, concrete dividers, or landscapes.

Other tips to keep in mind while your child waits at the bus stop:

Make sure your child stays three giant steps which is about six feet, away from the curb.

Second, remind your child to never walk behind a school bus. If they have to cross the street, make sure it's in the front and at a distance far enough where they and the driver can make eye contact.

Finally, if your child drops something near the bus they should tell the driver right away instead of picking it up themselves.

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