KENNEWICK, WA - The Benton County Sheriff's Office is looking for people they saw driving stolen cars at the beginning of May.

Deputies said that they did an emphasis patrol in Kennewick on May 2, 2022, in the area of Arrowhead dr. and Umatilla ave. near the Columbia Center Mall. That night BCSO contacted multiple people between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. because of two found stolen cars.

Both vehicles were occupied and the drivers took off.

Deputies said they were not able to chase the two drivers in the cars after they left.

Last night BSCO said they found one of the vehicles at 11 p.m. around the same area. Due to the previous history of fleeing, deputies set up a containment around the car but when approached, they found it empty.

Now they are looking for the person who had been driving the vehicle. They searched the area last night but could not find the driver.

BCSO said it has a suspect in mind and has some good leads from its fellow law enforcement officers on where to find them.

If you have any information contact BSCO at:

Phone: 509-735-6555
Phone: 509-786-5615