KENNEWICK, Wash. - The Benton City Council gave the Mayor a vote of no confidence. Papers demanding his recall have been filed, and Wednesday he received his sentence for filing a false police report.

No question, there's a lot of heat surrounding the Benton City Mayor. But he claims it's all a diversion so people don't look more into actions of the Benton City Council, and said their turn is coming up.

"I was the one assaulted. I'm the victim getting charged," said Mayor Bryan Robinson. 

A jury convicted Mayor Robinson of filing a false police report. He claims he was assaulted in August, but the court found him guilty for lying about the attack.

"I was assaulted four times. The deputies and people who assaulted me admitted to three of the four. The part I was found guilty on was the part no witnesses saw," said Robinson. 

Prosecutors wanted Robinson to serve 15 days in jail. But his defense attorney argued putting him in jail wouldn't be right.

"That's outrageous! Any other person that would go before the court asking in this particular case who would be sentenced, would not receive 15 days," said Joe Burrowes, Robinson's Defense Attorney.   

But Benton County District Court Judge Craig Stilwill explained Robinson does not represent the average person convicted of lying.

"Your actions in this regard are indefensible and unjustifiable," said Judge Stilwill.  

And the Judge sentenced Robinson to 1 week in jail. But if Robinson pays a 1,000 bond he won't have to serve any time behind bars.

Robinson said he is appealing the sentence, and will not resign.

"I'll step down if all the council and the fired city attorney will step down and agree not to run again," said Robinson.  

If Robinson does not pay the bond he will go to jail by the end of the week.

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