KENNEWICK, WA - Back in June, Alexis Salcedo was involved in a serious accident. Salcedo was driving her normal Saturday route as a FedEx driver when her truck lost control and rolled.

Salcedo was seriously injured, but it could have been much worse if it wasn't for one man. Orville Long was driving behind the truck when he saw the whole thing, and instead of driving by he decided to stop. Long was able to help Salcedo until paramedics could LifeFlight her to a nearby hospital.


Tuesday evening the Benton County Sheriff's Office decided to honor Long for his heroics. They presented him with a medal, as well as a framed award.

This isn't the first life Long has saved - he is a lifetime paramedic himself, but this one means the most because of one reason.

"This is the first person I've been able to do some follow-up on to see their road to recovery 100 percent," said Long. 

Now new lifelong friends, Salcedo expects to see Long and his family more.

"He'll be around the family, we will talk to him, he might come to barbecues, he'll hang out and have a good time with us," said Salcedo.    

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