BENTON COUNTY, WA - The Benton County Sheriff's Office has released the Sheriff's Most Wanted List. They are looking for the following individuals:

Luis Acosta Betancourt has two warrants out for his arrest. The first in forgery and the second in theft of a motor vehicle.

Luis Acosta Betancourt

Kristopher James Gottula is wanted for animal cruelty in the 1st degree.

Kristopher James Gottula

Darrell Anthony Moyers has a warrant out for his arrest for possession of a controlled substance.

Darrell Anthony Moyers

Todd Hill Smith has two warrants out for his arrest relating to a DUI and an unlawful possession of a firearm.

Todd Hill Smith

If you have any information on any of these four men, please call the Benton County Sheriff's Office tip line at 509-222-2324 or email at

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