Flying Simulator

PASCO, WA - Bergstrom Aircraft purchased a Redbird Flight Simulator, the first of its kind in Eastern Washington, in December. 

This device can be used by students or by the general public. For students, the idea is to put them in scenarios they wouldn't normally see while flying an airplane to give them a chance to learn how to handle those situations. 

The instructor can manipulate conditions like wind resistance, engine failure, or even add clouds or rain to block the pilot's visibility.

Not only can this new simulator help train future pilots, but it can also give people who are afraid of flying a new way to conquer their fears.

The device can help a regular person deal with any anxiety they may get about flying by giving them control of the airplane and giving them an idea of how a plane works which will hopefully in the end make them feel more comfortable about flying. 

To make things even more exciting you can choose what airport and what city in the U.S. you want to fly out from. 

Bergstrom Aircraft is now accepting appointments for anyone interested in learning more about this advanced aviation device. 

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