Bicyclist on cross-country ride stops in Yakima

YAKIMA--A man bicycling cross-country makes a stop in Yakima over the weekend.

KNDO caught up with Jerry Christensen before he headed for Enucleate at 6:00 a.m. Sunday.

On May 1 he left Logan, Utah to begin a bike ride of 13,600 miles.

He's riding to promote the possibility of recovering from brain injuries.

Christensen tells KNDO he's not just a rider, but also a survivor.

"When I was 15 I died twice from a severe traumatic brain injury," Christensen said.  "The doctors said I would never go to college or work longer than six weeks when I was discharged and I've made a full recovery."

Jerry's going to Seattle, then to San Diego and on to the East Coast.

You can keep up with his ride on Facebook!/BrainST?ref=search&sid=9305482.3145030665..1

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