BURBANK, Wash.- Construction is nearly complete on a biofuel plant in Burbank.

The plant will increase the state's production by more than 5%.

The Washington State Department of Ecology has issued GEN-X Energy a permit to produce 5 million gallons of biofuel each year.

That's nowhere near their capabilities though.

Owners say they've designed the plant to handle about 13 million gallons, far from their original plans. Things have changed since their original plans of only 480,000 gallons a year.

"The idea of, you know, just a garage plant. And then as we worked in this community, as we worked around the area, we started playing with, well you know maybe it's not a garage," said Brian Moreno, an Owner of the Project.

"Maybe it's a building, a small building, and then it turned into a bigger building, then it just escalated." 

He won't say when they plan on starting production, only saying sometime soon.

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