Blood Donations needed at The American Red Cross

YAKIMA, WA - Did you know just one pint of blood can save three lives?

Almost every year, around the holidays, fewer people go in to give blood.

"It's not uncommon for a blood shortage to occur in particular in between thanksgiving and new year's," said Natividad Lewis a spokesperson for the Red Cross.

Emergencies won't be taking a break during the holidays. That's why declining donations can hurt a blood bank.

"Donors are unavailable they're traveling, along with holiday activities, winter weather can affect blood donations and can cancel driving as well as make it unsafe for donors to get to their blood donation appointments," said Lewis.

Lewis explains patients cannot afford for there to be a shortage of blood.

"Shortages can cause a delay in certain medical procedures, elective procedures," said Lewis.

The Red Cross is asking for donations during this season, starting Thursday people who donate will receive a special thank you gift.

"We want to be prepared, we're all about preparedness and that includes the blood supply. Blood can not be manufactured it only comes from volunteered donors," said Lewis.

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