Blue Mountain Humane Society will be giving the animals a day off to rest and relax. The animal shelter will be closed to the public Sundays for better animal care according to Blue Mountain Humane Society CEO Amanda Wernert. 

Staff and volunteers will have more time to deep clean and take care of things behind the scenes according to Animal Care Manager Sheila Hobson. 

"We'll be here still cleaning, still working, taking care of those animals, but it just gives some time for the animals to relax, you know, take it easy and it gives us some time to really thoroughly clean things and really slow down," Hobson said.

Closing Sundays is something the shelter has done in the past, and is something they've been talking about for some time according to Wernert. 

The time to deep clean also reduces the risk for animals to get sick according to Hobson.

"In the shelter environment we have a lot of animals, we're filled with animals here, and things can travel quickly amongst animals so like sickness. So it's really important that we keep a clean organized shelter. So our animals stay nice and healthy," Hobson said. 

If you want to volunteer for the shelter there are applications on the Blue Mountain Humane Society Website. 

The website also has information if you're looking to adopt a dog, a cat, or even hamsters sometimes.