KENNEWICK, Wash--  The 12-year incumbent Leo Bowman tells KNDU he was so focused on his own campaign, he didn't even know Barack Obama won the presidency.

And that's the way his campaign has been.  He says he never focused on Staples' growing popularity over the county seat move.  But he does say Staples' platform of moving the county seat is not an issue for county commissioner.

"The issue really is it's not a county commissioner issue," says Bowman.  "He would not have been able to impact it any more from being a county commissioner than he can as a regular citizen, because the county commissioner has no more authority on that issue than a regular citizen."

"I'm going to keep on working on this county seat move until it's done," says Staples.  "In office or out of office either way."

Bowman says he hopes to correct the response center for the mentally ill, improve animal control in the county and focus on the economy.

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