lemonade stand

RICHLAND, WA- Instead of playing video games or watching Saturday morning cartoons Miles Carbaugh, an eight year old from Richland, spent his morning working a lemonade stand. Except the money that he was earning wasn't for himself it was for homeless teens in the Tri-Cities area. 

"We are really just hoping to get enough money to help Restoration Convoy make homeless teens feel loved and seen," said. Carbaugh.

Restoration Convoy is an organization that strives to provide services for homeless and displaced teens. Carbaugh decided to try and carry that mission by selling lemonade in hopes of raising $1,000. Carbaugh chose lemonade because of the hot temperatures in the Tri-Cities for the past month.

"Since it's almost end of summer I thought it was going to be really hot so I thought some people would like some refreshments," said Carbaugh.

Carbaugh has a message for those who want to help him fight teen homelessness. 

"Join me because this is something important that needs to happen," said Carbaugh.

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