PORTLAND, Ore.- The Bureau of Land Management announces that fire restrictions will go into effect on May 23 for public lands in Washington and Oregon.

These restrictions include a ban on fireworks, exploding or metal targets, steel component ammunition, tracer or incendiary devices and sky lanterns. Using any of these potentially hazardous items on public lands can result in a fine of up to $1,000.

“Although we had a wet winter, we must still be careful with activities that can cause a spark to keep our first responders, local communities, and public lands safe from accidental wildfires,” said BLM Oregon/Washington Associate State Director Anita Bilbao. “We are seeing more invasive grass due to the wet weather, which dries out quickly without rain. Everyone can help by following fire restrictions and practicing fire safety while out on your public lands.”

The BLM also recommends that visitors should be aware of active restrictions and closures as warmer and drier weather sets in.