Burning Permit Conditions

YAKIMA, WA - With the weather heating up and controlled burns being allowed from March 15th through October 15 in Yakima it's important to know the regulations and penalties.

"Most of the time when we write burn ban violations is in the winter believe it or not, for home heating," said Mark Edler Supervisor, Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency.

Edler says when people receive burn permits they are also given a set of rules to follow.

"You have to live outside of the urban growth area, Yakima or any city basically. You have to be outside of a UGA and you have to pay a fee of course. Your pile size is limited to 4 x 4 x 3, you must attend the fire at all times, you can not burn from dusk till dawn," said Edler.

The Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency can only issue a burn ban due to pollution but the Yakima County Fire Marshal's Office can issue a fire burn ban. They say if someone violates the ban they can be fined $1,000 and can face up to 90 days in jail.

Edler also says there are a few other reasons why someone could get a violation.

"If you're burning without a permit certainly there can be a notice of violation issued. It has to be a certain amount of time before we can issue a penalty on that and the penalty depends on the severity of what happens so, yeah you can get your permit revoked or not be able to get one," said Edler.

The Yakima County Fire Marshal's Office says they don't issue to many fire burn bans, but when they do they take into consideration weather and land conditions.

You can always check the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency to see if there is a burn ban in place.


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