WAPATO, WA - The last day of school is always a celebration, but this year was special.

After 44 years Ray Estrada is making his last stop as a bus driver.

"Believe it or not this was suppose to just be a part time job when I started. The years went by and I thought man this is easy."

Ray says as the years went by so did the memories.

Several coworkers share a few words, "44 years proud of this guy."

"A remarkable man and he's done a wonderful job."

Ray also begins to reminisce, "When I first started there was only maybe like 19 buses or something like that."

When thinking about how many students he's driven he says its been generations of families.

"I have driven kids who have had kids, who have had kids."

He also says it's the students, the teachers and his coworkers who kept him coming back.

"Overall it's really fun working with everybody. They make it fun coming to work, I mean really. I would like to thank Roxanne, Shannon, Miriam, Martin..." and the list goes on, but Ray says it's not about what he's done but what he's learned.

"Being a bus driver and everything you kind've have to be fair so that teaches you, you know in life more or less to give everybody a second chance."

After making the wheels on the bus go round and round when a legend retires it's hard to say goodbye.

"I kinda plan on coming back and driving part time down the road," said Ray.

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