YAKIMA, WA - Cocomaya's Desserts has attracted thousands of tourists from all over to try their tasty, crazy desserts. They are celebrating their one year in business with a party and raffle on August 21st. 

Cocomaya's Desserts is known for their fun dessert menu. They have bubble tea, Red Bull mixers, ice cream, Japanese crepes, bubble waffles, and so much more.

A recently hired employee, Mishell Armas, said she was a big customer before she started working there. She said she knew exactly where to go when she needed a job. 

And of course, who could pass up being around their favorite treats all day? 

Armas said the fresh chocolate covered strawberries are her favorite. 

"Oh my gosh, I'm so addicted to them," said Armas. 

Armas said it's the quality of products that stands out to people.

"When they come here, they can taste the product, they say it tastes good, it not only look good but it tastes really good too," said Armas

Cocomaya's Desserts has customers from Seattle, Olympia, even Portland, and posts their visits on Facebook.