YAKIMA, WA - Happy fifth of July!

The fourth of July tends to be a holiday that really brings out the spark. It also tends to bring in a lot of 911 calls.

"It can get busy so, we can see about an average of about 1,000 calls by midnight," said Brynn Sides, Dispatch Supervisor, SunComm 911 Communications.

Sides says that's about 300 more calls than the average day, but working in a 911 call center, call taker Jenyne Wells says there's never an average day or call. Especially on fourth of July.

"It's super busy, it's fun. You get extra fire departments down in the Lower Valley, you always get the extra fun calls of you know lots of fires, usually a finger is lost somewhere along the way." says Wells.

When it comes down to every call Wells says, "Every second counts."

And, with every call there are specific questions to ask.

"As a call taker we have six essential questions. What, when, where, why and weapons so, you just have to revert back to that. You have to know where it's happening, what's happening. Why it's happening, if there's any weapons for responders safety and you just break it down to those six questions and you get them the help they need," said Wells.

When getting information from the person on the other end of the phone it's all about using your words says Sides, "We really learn how to get that person to come back to reality so that they can provide help to who needs it."

No matter the incident Wells says all calls are important.

"We take every call serious. Anytime you can get anybody help it's kind of rewarding."

Some advice for everyone from Wells is always knowing your location.

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