Camp Prime Time close to meeting its fundraising goal

YAKIMA, Wash.-- Camp Prime Time on White Pass is getting closer to raising the 1.5 million dollars it needs to renovate its lodge.

It's currently raised 1.3 million dollars in donations. The camp is a place for disabled and seriously ill children to experience the outdoors with their families. The organization says there are many ways for people to donate to the camp, whether it's their time or their money.

"If there's somebody that… just really wants to be generous and may have heard about the camp but have never been involved or maybe they have a certain amount of wealth that they need to distribute... We'd love to hear from them," says Board Member Ralph Berthon.

Berthon says once they get within 90 percent of their goal, they'll get the final ten percent from a foundation. If you want to donate to Camp Prime Time, you can find their website here.

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