Candlelight Vigil for Mendez Brothers Killed in Burbank Car Accident.

BURBANK, Wash. - A community comes together in a candlelight vigil to remember the lives of the Mendez brothers who were killed in a car accident in Burbank.

About a hundred people lit candles and sung hymns as they reflected on the lives of 19-year-old Jorge Mendez and his 17-year-old brother Jesus.

The vigil took place at the Sunmart gas station on Humorist Road and Highway 12, the same intersection where the teens died two weeks ago when a semi truck hit the car they were riding in.

Their mother, Lucia Mendez, continues to feel an agonizing heart break over the loss of her sons.

"I love them so much.  They are the reason I lived.  Wherever they are, I'll always love them," said Lucia Mendez.

 She also says she's grateful for the support from friends, family and even complete strangers.  Hundreds of dollars was raised at a dinner and other contributions keep coming in, with more needed.  

The family and community members hope signatures on a petition will help lower the speed limit on highway 12 from 60 to 50 miles per hour. 

People at the vigil sent white balloons to the sky after a prayer, symbolizing the Mendez brothers spirits ascending to heaven.

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