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KENNEWICK, WA - Almost a year after the Bofer Canyon Fire, many Canyon Lakes residents are changing the land around their home to prepare for the next big wildfire there. 

For many of us, the biggest investment we'll make is our home, but for some people living high above Bofer Canyon there's fear their dream homes are in jeopardy. 

Bofer Canyon

NBC Right Now talked to many residents and they are concerned it will happen again, since the canyon burns every few years. 

One resident, Sue Frost, removed 29 trees outside her home and is now putting in a glass wall, something she says is not combustible. 

"I had been fireproofing it in a slow way. Since the fire a few years ago I put gravel all the way around it," says Frost. "That and the metal roof kept it from burning down."

She is also adding submersible pump that can be thrown into her pool for extra water if another fire happens. 

Frost owns land down into the canyon and sprayed a 50-foot section to create a fire break. She also is adding a building that will house a tractor and other fire equipment. 

Recently some residents asked the City of Kennewick for help with fire protection, but didn't wait for the City and have been building defensible spaces around their homes. 

The City of Kennewick is strongly suggesting all residents in Canyon Lakes add and manage defensible space around their home for when Bofer Canyon burns again. 

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