Canyon Lakes residents say damage to homes caused by blasting

KENNEWICK,WA- Many residents in the Canyon Lakes neighborhood in south Kennewick are upset about an expansion project to their neighborhood that involves blasting. Blasting is a way to break up ballistic rock that utilizes explosives.

A petition has been started by resident Paul Parish who lives close to the blasting area. Parish claims the recent blasting has been causing damage not only to his home but to many of his neighbors as well.

"The last blast they had really shook our house so far we just have minor damage with cracks of concrete," said Parish. "We don't have anything inside the wallboard but a lot of people have cracks in their wallboard above the doors and foundations."

One of those people that has experienced wallboard damaged is resident Alan Kowalski. Kowalski has also seen damage to his ceilings and even his foundation. 

"It's a concern that damage is being done to our personal property that we moved to, to enjoy and have a quiet enjoyment," said Kowalski.

Barnes Inc. the company doing the blasting said they are following state and federal rules. They are currently only doing half of the maximum that they are allowed to do by the state.

They also would like to hear from homeowners who say they have been impacted and Barnes Inc. will send an independent investigator to inspect their home as well as use a seismic graph to measure..

Right now the petition currently sits at 39 signatures and some of the residents plan on going to the next city council meeting to voice their concerns. 

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