Car Crashes through Yakima Neighborhood

A driver left a path of destruction across west Yakima Friday afternoon.  He started by knocking into a utility pole and ended with his SUV a block down the street, head first into a house.  At about 12:30 p.m. Mike Kenosky drove his white Range Rover eastward down Tieton Drive.  Just after 26th Avenue he veered across lanes to begin his path of destruction that left three homes in its wake. 

Katherine Sutton is the owner of one of those homes, "I heard a loud noise and I looked out my front window just in time to see a Land Rover slam into my neighbor's house", she said.  The driver began by hitting a utility pole, then drove through the fence and across the lawn of the first house.  Continuing through Sutton's home crashing through her pond, Kenosky crossed the street and finally crashed into the basement of 2411 Tieton Drive.

According to police, just minutes before the Tieton crash Kenosky caused a hit and run about 3 blocks away.  He was the only one injured in both incidents.  Kenosky was treated for facial injuries and was released from the hospital this afternoon.  Police suspect he was intoxicated at the time of both accidents.  They will forward the results of the completed investigation to the city attorney's office.

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