ELLENSBURG, WA - Students at Central Washington University are protesting the school in support of free student press.

"We're going to be stepping outside in order to protest against administrative censorship and content regulation that's been going on for the past year," said Mariah Valles.

CWU students shared their message loud and clear.

"Kinda what's been going on is certain administrators and departments on campus are trying to require student journalists to send in interview questions before an interview is granted," Valles explained. "For us it's just a big ethical dilemma and we fell like it's important for our audience and our readers who we've been serving for more than a century to be informed about what's been going on, and, you know, maybe why some of our stories aren't so in-depth and why maybe we only cite a brochure instead of having interviews... or why when a coach left that we only have interviews from, you know, basically the athletic's website and the former head coach and not students."

Several professors and students who walked by joined in support.

"Very proud of them for turning out, taking time, taking the trouble to stand out here and protest in order to protect not just their own right to free speech and a free press but to protect those principles," said Ruthi Erdman, a CWU professor.

"I think it's great; I think it's awesome that people are standing up for their first amendment right," said Rey Green, a student.

Terri Reddout, a journalism professor, says this is an eye-opening experience for many of her students.

"It's a good lesson from a legal standpoint, but it's also a good lesson in just how does journalism work on a day-to-day basis and how to people react to it," she said.

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